Love Plus NDS

(Dating Simulation Game)

Love Plus takes place in "Towano City," a developing city surrounded by beautiful mountains and seas. You, the player, transfer to Towano private high school. In this city, there are three girls with whom you may have a predestined encounter. Through school or part time jobs, memories and feelings accumulate between you and the girls. During this time, the girls only regard you as an important "friend." However, the girls soon begin to notice a faint feeling...

The girls earnestly feel, "I want him to love me," and adjust to your tastes while giving their best. Later comes the fated "confession" day. With strong determination and courage, she conveys her feelings with all that she has.
(From Tsukuru)

love plus nene
Rinko( Grown Up Attitude) , Nene (Calm and mature)
love plus

Today, I just finish all of the character pre-confession step. the confession start after a dream with  the character you choose. Here's the picture of the dream :
Rinko (A dream about your newly web live)
Nene (A dream about a under classmate confess her love)
Manaka ( A dream about your wedding)  
love plus
What kind of Dream do you like
But it's not the end when you are told her feelings. The "confession" is just the prologue. Starting now, your never ending story together begins. 


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