Amagami SS Episode 26 Tachibana Miya arc

Amagami SS Episode 26
 Tachibana Miya arc
Amagami SS Tachibana Miya
Stalker  +  Imouto
Tachibana Junichi Bad End Predicted By Tachibana Miya:

He'll graduate from college without ever getting a girlfriend, find a job

But he'll still be talking about pervy magazines, oversleep too much, and get fired
Then he'll spend all his time holed up in that planetarium he made in the closet
Miya really worried about his pervy brother so she start to stalking his brother..

Amagami SS Nanasaki Ai
An Understanding Heroine

Amagami SS Heroine Character
New Candidate to be Heroine of This Anime

Amagami SS Character Heroine Candidate

Amagami SS Tachibana Miya
Tachibana x Miya End


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