TWGOK S2 Episode 2 Kusunoki Arc

TWGOK S2 Episode 2
// Kusunoki Arc //
Let's The Game Start!
To overcome The spirit and weakness inside her, kusunoki accept to go on a date with keimaKusunoki is embarrassing on her first date with Keima and hope to draw her feminine spirit out. But failed cause of their incompatible : a warrior and galge's god. So they decide to eat an ice cream together like the other couple and kusunoki's feminine spirit come out. 
Both of them fight against each other for their own mind, kusunoki want to get rib of the feminine side to in order to inherit her dojo while the spirit want to get rib of her masculine side in order to become a feminine woman. To hep them , keima told to that they can choose both without losing one of them. Kusunoki Arc end with kusunoki's spirit take control of kusunoki body and kiss keima which realease spirit inside her. 
Ice Cream of Love
I saw the ending => Lucky Brat
Kusunoki Arc End!

Kusunoki still continues her marital arts and accepts her femininity.


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