Oreimo, Episode 13 True END

Oreimo, Episode 13 True End
Ore No Imouto 13 Kuroneko
Gokou Ruri
 The story start after Kirino went to USA and Kuroneko enroll to kyosuke's school. It reveals that Kuroneko real name is Gokou Ruri. Saori and Kuroneko always when to kyosuke's house because they think that he will be lonely alone after kirino's leave even though he told them that he feel more refreshed than ever with her noisy sister' leave.

Ore No Imouto 13 Kuroneko
Saori told them that she's kind of angry to kirino because kirino didn't contact her after she went to USA even though she consider her as close friend. So Kyosuke suggest that three of them go out somewhere and after that post it online to piss her(Kirino) off. 
Ore No Imouto 13 Kuroneko
When Kyosuke found out that kuroneko doesn't have friend at school because of her attitude, so he want to help her by join computer research club with her.At Kyosuke's house, kuroneko ask kyosuke why he help her , Saori help him answer : "I'll show my cute kouhai how cool i can be and then she'll pay me back with sexual favors!" and surprisingly kuroneko believe that. Comedy Effect//. At the Computer Research Club, he meet with Akagi's imouto who is also new club member and declare herself that She like homo game.
Ore No Imouto 13 Kuroneko


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