Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2 "Vengeance is a Staff Meal"

Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2 
"Vengeance is a Staff Meal"
Hanasaku Iroha Ohana Matsumae
Surprise .....
       People can't be trusted, Not even family, Never rely on  someone else, Believe only in yourself are what her weird mother teach her. Because of that, she learn to never rely on other. Ohana finally start her job as waitress train by the other waitress, Nako Oshimizu .When Nako went away to another duty, Ohana, cleans the room where the author Taro Jiromaru is staying by herself. Afterthat, Taro complains that some drafts for his story draft have gone missing from his room which Ohana had cleaned earlier and get scold by the owner..The next day, Ohana finds Taro's story draft which turn out to be erotic story using her as the character, but discover by Taro.. 
Hanasaku Iroha Ohana Matsumae
Loli Ohana
Hanasaku Iroha Ohana Matsumae
Nako x Minko
Hanasaku Iroha Ohana Matsumae
Angry Ohana
Hanasaku Iroha Ohana Matsumae
Be Ware . Loli


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