DOG DAYS Episode 2 //First Battle!//

DOG DAYS Episode 2
 //First Battle!//
Dog days anime Princess Leonmichelle
Princess Leonmichelle
After instructed by the princess about the etiquette and rule of war, the Princess gave him the heavenly sword,Palladium which can change into any shape he desire. Using his acrobatic talent and the weapon, he beat the enemy's minion easily until the princess Leonmichelle appear. To defeat Princess Leonmichelle, Shiku join force with Eclair and with the battle..At the end of the episode, Shinku found out that he can't teleport  back to his world..

Nice Timing
dog days Eclair
Our Luckiest Character!!!
The Opening Theme "SCARLET KNIGHT"
By Singer => Nana Mizuki


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