Infinite Stratos Episode 3 (The Transfer Student is a Second Childhood Friend)

Infinite Stratos Episode 3
 //The Transfer Student is a Second Childhood Friend//
Infinite Stratos, IS Harem
Ichika Harem's member
Cecilia fell in love with Ichika after the Class Representative Selection Match and give the position of Class Representative to him.
The next day , he met with Rin , another transfer student, Candidate Representative from China and also Ichika Childhood Friend ( Second after Houki) and ask to have a match again class representative from Ichika's Class( Of course, Ichika). it's said that she very afraid to Chifuyu Orimura. When ichika talk to Rin after the class, Cecilia and Houki get Jealous and ask about their relationship.
After knowing that Houki is Ichika's rooomate,  Rin want to get houki to let her become his roommate but Houki refuses. When Rin later ask him about their childhood promise but ichika didn't figure out the promise. Because of that, Rin got angry and want to settle all of in at inter-class IS tournament.

Infinite Stratos, Cecilia and IchikaInfinite Stratos, Cecilia and HOukiInfinite Stratos, RinInfinite Stratos,Cecilia, Houki, RinInfinite Stratos, Houki and CeciliaInfinite Stratos, Rin


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