Freezing (Sattelizer el Bridgette)

Satellizer L. Bridgette
(The Untouchable Queen)
Hobby : Knitting, Telephone Shopping
Favorite Food : Hambugers
Weakness : When touched around breast
Freezing, Sattelizer el BridgetteFreezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette kawaii

She is the female Main Character from Freezing (Spring 2011 Anime) , She is feared by most of the student at the school and have an nicknames " The Untouchable Queen" because she will attack student that touch her. It's because her trauma when she was young , she became fear of being touched.

Freezing, Sattelizer el BridgetteFreezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette

The only one that can touch only Aoi Kazuya because of unknown reason (She didn't even know why) , when the battle against Ingrid senpai (Guardian of Order), Kazuya ask her to become her partner and perform baptism( to perform Ereinbar Set) but refused by her.
Freezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette blush
very Kawaii
 The reason she refuse the baptized are because if they baptism and perform Ereinbar Set , They will share all five senses, she hate the way it feels like it's rubbing her body.  Even so Kazuya still help her to fight against Ingrid - senpai.

Freezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette expressionFreezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette Tsundere

After that, she agree to become Kazuya's partner but without perform baptism and invited him to her room (When a pandora choose her Limiter , she invites him to her room for extra gentle treatment(what?).

Freezing, Sattelizer el BridgetteFreezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette
 But got cancel because kazuya got hurt and hospitalized but someone who lost against Sattelizer( forget her name). So she went to the hospital and stay with him all night

Freezing, Sattelizer el Bridgette


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