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Koreha Zombie Desu ka Episode 7 (Yuki Yoshida)

Yuki Yoshida ( Nick Name : Tomonori, Maelstrom) Maelstrom, A Vampire Ninja of a  faction  from the opposed of Sera , Same High School as Ayumu , Not same Class ( Known as Tomonori because her name kanji ) First time introduced at episode 7 of Koreha when Ayumu was defeated by megalo And she come to help using a tonkotsu ramen soup to defeat megalo.( Really weird don't you think , using a ramen to defeat a monster)

Literature Girl (Bungaku Shoujo) The Movie

This Is A Story about me and a “Literature girl” Why did I start to write again? Because that day, beneath the magnolia tree, I met her. - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – - Bungaku ShoujoLiterature Girl) is a collection of Japanese Light Novel by Mizuki Nomura, with illustrations by Miho Takeoka. The story revolve along Konoha Inoue, a second-year high school boy who once wrote an award-winning novel “Sora ni Niteiru” under the pen name Miu Inoue, that people thought it was written by a mysterious girl. He stopped writing after the accident 2 years ago with his childhood friend, Miu Asakura.

Freezing (Sattelizer el Bridgette)

Satellizer L. Bridgette
(Freezing) (The Untouchable Queen)
Hobby : Knitting, Telephone Shopping Favorite Food : Hambugers Weakness : When touched around breast

She is the female Main Character from Freezing (Spring 2011 Anime) , She is feared by most of the student at the school and have an nicknames " The Untouchable Queen" because she will attack student that touch her. It's because her trauma when she was young , she became fear of being touched.

Infinite Stratos ( Charles Dunoa / Charlotte Dunois )

Charles Denoa / Charlotte Dunois
From Episode 5-6 Personally I really like this character from Episode 5 IS anime, I don't really know why but maybe because her cuteness. I really hope that she win ichika heart from the other harem.... Her seiyuu is Kana Hanazama , originally seiyuu from Angel Beats as Tachibana Kanade , Bungaku Shoujo as Amano Touka if i remember correctly..  ha..haa

Infinite Stratos Episode 4 (Decisive Battle! The Class League Match)

Infinite Stratos Episode 4  //Decisive Battle! The Class League Match//
When Ichika and Rin battle in Inter-Class IS Tournament , a mysterious IS Appeared and Attack the Arena. Ichika soon realized that IS is an umanned drone, Using the Ignition Boost that teach by Chifuyu Orimura and helped by Rin and Cecilia, the mysterious IS finally able to defeated.

Infinite Stratos Episode 3 (The Transfer Student is a Second Childhood Friend)

Infinite Stratos Episode 3  //The Transfer Student is a Second Childhood Friend// Cecilia fell in love with Ichika after the Class Representative Selection Match and give the position of Class Representative to him.
The next day , he met with Rin , another transfer student, Candidate Representative from China and also Ichika Childhood Friend ( Second after Houki) and ask to have a match again class representative from Ichika's Class( Of course, Ichika). it's said that she very afraid to Chifuyu Orimura. When ichika talk to Rin after the class, Cecilia and Houki get Jealous and ask about their relationship.

Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)

Wandering Son Based on comic by Takako Shimura,"Hourou Musuko" Published by Enterbrain in the magazine Comic Beam
"What are little girls made of ?" Sugar and spice and everything nice That's what little girls are made of.
Wondering Son is a story about Shuichi Nitori, who want to be a girl and Yoshino Takatsuki who want to be a boy . The story are issues about their gender identity before puberty From the start of the anime Shuichi already start cross dressing as a girl due to his feminine look and always went out with Takatsuki while
crossdressing. As the story start , they begin their life as Middle High School Student. 

Infinite Stratos Episode 2 (Class Representative Selection Match)

Infinite Stratos Episode 2 //Class Representative Selection Match// Before Selection Match, Chifuyu Orimura tell Ichika that he will be provide a personal IS Machine that are only 467 IS Cores that created by Tabane Shinonono before disappeared.

Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos
Originally from light novel by  Izuru Yumizuru
Infinite Stratos is a story about Orimura Ichika who are the first one in the world that are able to to IS machine (because only girls can use it) and force to enter IS Training School where of course only girls in that school. And so his harem has begin.
It's really awesome, i hope that i was him cause who do want to be admire and loved by some many girl. When he enter the school, he met his childhood Friend and practice kendo together before, Houki Shinonono. She is the youngest sisters of Tabane Shinonono , the creator of IS Machine. Ichika stay at the same room as her, because they didn't got enough room.  The Next Day, Ichika got challenge by cecilia, candidate representative of britannia for the seat of Class Representative.